Increasing Number of Young VIRGINS Are Giving Birth in UK…

Pregnant women

On a cool sunny day, Jesus Christ would normally boast of his historical position as having been born of a virgin. Before His death somewhere around A.D. 33, this was particular less important—but it became imperative as early Christians searched for ways to validate Christ in the face of the existing skepticism.

Jesus Christ’s virgin birth holds a sharp religious significance for many Christians. However, several virgin women are also giving birth in the UK—and various religious groups are worried but not for the fact that this would taint the divinity claim of Jesus Christ. Obviously, such concerns if raised would score no point at this level of factual conversation.

According to reports, dozens of young UK virgins have given birth after undergoing IVF and these women are blatantly using the £5,000 fertility treatment to bypass the need to involve men. Others are also doing this so they can save themselves for a special relationship.

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Doctors have mentioned that “at least 25 straight women had given birth in the past five years despite being virgins.”

Though there is no religious significance to these births, various religious groups are claiming this grossly undermines the importance of bringing up a child in stable marriages. And it’s just not the religious groups which are worried; a leading psychotherapist has reportedly warned “that having a mother who had never been in a relationship could harm a child’s development.”

The Bishop of Carlisle, James Newcome, has added his voice, saying, the decision of young women to have children without the need for a family would ‘have implications for society that would not be helpful’. He added; ‘the ideal is that a child has a mother and a father who are married to each other. All the evidence shows that is the best context for a child.’

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Imam Suhaib Hasan, head of Britain’s Islamic Sharia Council accused IVF doctors of ‘acting like God’. He said: ‘When you remove a man from this, a woman becomes nothing but a breeding machine. Here, a woman is denying the child the right to have a father.’

If the above comment was coming from a Christian leader, we would have pushed his statement into a cynical box, suggesting that he was worried the world would be left with several people laudably bragging as having been given birth by virgins, a grime on the Messiah’s historical standing.

Interestingly, most of these young virgin women using IVF claim they are ready for babies but cannot wait around for Mr. Right—which can frankly be a wait of a life time.

The traditional family structure has long been distorted by new orientations and auxiliary mothers such as Surrogates but this new trend of virgin mothers is the least expected.