This IMAGE Captures Why Intelligent People Do Not Take the Bible and It Followers Serious—The Blatant Hypocrisy is Scary



Religion has lost its place in contemporary discourse as a serious discipline and increasingly, its long occupied position as somewhat the fountainhead of morality—or the determinate of what’s generally good and bad has become a joke.

For instance, most Christians do not take the Bible serious, the lunatic fundamentalists may try to hold the words at heart but they wouldn’t dare practice half of the things believed to have been commanded by God.

It has been established that the higher a person’s intellect, the less probable that person would believe in the existence of any God—and the stretch of this is that, intelligent people wouldn’t fall on any bronze age manual in a 21st century for guiding and binding principles.

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For Christians, the assumed holiness of the Bible and its status as unchanging, containing true words of God present one of the greatest conundrum to their existence today—with the only plausible available option shamefully being “Cherry Picking.”

While it may seem fun or smugly clever to decide which parts of the Bible you wish to follow or take serious and cunningly erect your own interpretation to defend your position, the inevitable ‘cherry picking’ makes it difficult for any intelligent mind to take the Bible and its followers serious.

If the Bible is really a compilation of the words of God, all being true, then Christians must definitely be tormenting their conscience to be smartly ignoring some of the commandments of their God simply because they do not find them pleasant today.

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And a jealous God that commands absolute obedience wouldn’t certainly entertain this.

The next time someone throws the Bible at your sins, just ask the person if he really believes everything in there as coming from his God, therefore worthy of strict adherence—and if he says YES, show him this post.