The Grand Hypocrisy of Black Entertainers | Tyrese Gibson in Focus

Tyrese Gibson and Snoop

Tyrese Gibson and Snoop

You would think the era when black entertainers objectified black women and use them as sexual dolls in their music videos or plays is long gone with the seemingly change in direction of some of these grown up entertainers—but the reality is far from what they talk about.

For many years, black women have been disrespected by their own, called wh*res and all sort of names with a beat playing behind the voices; simply so that these women can make earn peanuts while the men smile greatly to the bank.

Some call it a profession, but even if an enterprise makes you millions and lacks basic dignity, I wouldn’t consider it as a profession—it’s contemptuous for us to gladly accept things simply because they bring in money.

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For a few years now, Mr. do it all- Tyrese Gibson seems to have matured out of his skin. At least this is what he has been telling us with the many inspirational, motivational and black empowerment videos and messages he has been sharing on social media.

To be frank, his talks about black women knowing their worth and a recent video in which he showcased how he instills in his fast growing daughter the value of personal worth, dignity and respect was touching.

But it appears, he has no clue about what he preaches—he does not even believe and practice any of his emancipation speeches, yet expects young black folks to absorb them as if they can’t see what he really stands for.

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For Tyrese’ birthday, he claims Snoop Dog gave him a treat of his life: and this is, a bunch of half N*ked women (Hiphop will call wh*res) bouncing their earthquake causing bums on his lap—while he laughs it out.

Remember, this is the same man who until this week was all about respecting the black woman—and black men taking on responsibilities.

Perhaps, he has forgotten that he’s a black man too, a role model to millions of young black men for that matter and therefore publicly endorsing the culture of  women objectification hurts everything he has been preaching for the last few years.

The big homie SNOOP DOGG surprised me for my birthday

Posted by Tyrese Gibson on Monday, 5 January 2015

Most black entertainers sort of think they’ve a golden licence to disrespect their own. They continue to call black women all sort of names and throw out there word ‘nigga’ as if it’s a prayer request. Yet, when another person of different race says anything closer to what they champion; hell breaks loose.

If this is not hypocrisy, what else could be?

Certain things are inherently absurd, irrespective of the color of the wheel on which it runs.

If we want the black woman to build up a spirit of confidence, be respected among other race—and play key roles in our tough socio-political climates, we ought to start respecting them ourselves. We ought to empower them from within and not talk about empowering when all we do is tear our sisters down.

Of course those women in the video are adults and had a choice but don’t forget they have bills to pay too. For a long time, they’ve been made to feel this is all they are worth and for a brother with some money to consider what they do as entertainment is not a mere endorsement of the shame. Here, a brother is also helping in giving strong roots to the disgrace we so much desire to walk away from.

No way…. Did this just happen to me?

Posted by Tyrese Gibson on Tuesday, 27 October 2015

It’s time black entertainers begin to understand how far their actions and omissions go to entrench some of the misconception about black women—and most times dent the integrity and dignity of those we call sisters.

It sucks to be pimped by your enemy, but to have your brother as the principal client, that’s suicidal.