The Father of Lies, John Dramani Mahama Lies By Saying He Does Not Know How to Lie to Ghanaians

John Dramni Mahama

Former President of Ghana, John Dramani Mahama, a chronic liar has lied once again to Ghanaians—that he does not know how to lie to them.

During his bid to become the President of Ghana and even when he became a one term President, he lied so many times—to the extent that his lies even contributed to his defeat.

And yet, he says he does not know how to lie to Ghanaians.

To remind him of some of his lies, which he probably has forgotten—as people begin to believe their own lies to be true sometimes, we’ve collected some of his popular lies.

OCTOBER 4 2012 – Headlines quoted President Mahama as saying ‘dumsor would be a thing of the past’

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OCTOBER 30 2012 – At IEA Debate, President John Mahama asked Ghanaians to blame God for dumsor.

NOVEMBER 7 2012 – President Mahama once again said ‘dumsor would be a thing of the past’

APRIL 9 2013 – “Never again would Ghanaians experience dumsor” – Prez. Mahama

DECEMBER 31 2014 – “I will banish Dumsor forever” – Prez Mahama

MAY 1 2015 – “Lack of money not cause of dumsor” – Prez Mahama

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President Mahama was voted out of power in 2016—with his lies about dumsor being a contributing factor.

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In September 2017, John Mahama once again said that NDC lost for Ghanaians to see NPP’s deception—which we all know it’s another lie.

The NDC lost because Ghanaians were tired of the hardship and their “incompetence”.

John Mahama saying he is not a political liar is just as Donald Trump declaring that “Actually, throughout my life, my two greatest assets have been mental stability and being, like, really smart.”

We all know these are damn lies.