Donald Trump Is An Enigma: Rising In Polls And Spewing Hate Speech


Donald Trump

I’ve been trying to ignore all the news about Donald Trump for a while. From the Republican debates to his political rallies, he keeps saying ludicrous things like the US needs to literally build a wall at the border of Mexico to stop illegal immigrants and a host of other nonsense.

I tuned out after that.

I keep seeing little pockets of news about Trump continuing to say ridiculous things. The funniest thing about all this: He’s RISING in the polls for the Republican nominee.

Think about it. A majority of Republican voters think that Donald Trump should be the Republican nominee to go against the Democrat nominee, which is likely to be Hillary Clinton, in the 2016 general election. Whatever he says, the Republican base eats it up.

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Today, he sent out the latest asinine statement I have ever read in my life. Donald Trump wants to halt the complete immigration of ALL muslims to the United States. Donald Trump wants to keep ALL muslims from entering the US.

I have heard Donald Trump say stupid stuff but this one is just the craziest I have ever read.

I’m really curious about what majority of the Republican voters think about Trump. Seriously, I’m dumbstruck. What makes him so appealing?? I’m genuinely curious.

At this point, I can’t help but think Ben Carson would be a better alternative but I’m reaching.

If Donald Trump keeps rising in polls despite all the crap he says, does that mean the Republican voter base is full of racists and muslim haters?

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We’ll see what happens.

But if Trump keeps rising in polls, be prepared for Donald Trump to be the Republican nominee. That’s a scary thought.