Director Quentin Tarantino Reveals His Aversion To Streaming Services; Emphasising That He Still Uses VHS Tapes To Record Movies Off Television


Quentin Tarantino

It’s amazing when you think about it, a mega star like Tarantino who is not buying into this headlong rush to digitalise every aspect of our lives.

You’ll be hard pressed to find a core human activity that has not moved online yet. The internet has totally changed the rules of engagement of human interactions and activities, and somehow bred a different generation who spend more time in the virtual than in the real world.

However, it’s undoubtedly the future, and refusing to get onboard just tags you as a dinosaur in the age of the primate.

Television is another medium that is gradually growing online and could one day conceivably be rendered obsolete. Streaming services like Netflix are now producing their own shows, and the format of dumping it all at once for the TV addict to binge watch is very attractive to many.

Not to multi award winning director Quentin Tarantino though.

The 52 year old modern day dinosaur has some fascinating things to say about the modern day internet craze. For one, he cannot watch a movie on a laptop.

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Tarantino’s works includes ‘Kill Bill’, ‘Pulp Fiction’, and ‘Django Unchained’

“I am not excited about streaming at all. I like something hard and tangible in my hand. And I can’t watch a movie on a laptop. I don’t use Netflix at all.” He says in an excerpt from the upcoming Tom Roston book ‘I Lost It At The Video Store’

The book examines that lost past of cinema and video stores that is now being taken over by the shift towards digitalisation. Perhaps it is no surprise Tarantino waxes nostalgic, there’s an avenue to hammer on the dangers of digitalisation that he has been singing about for a while.

However, he goes a step further in the interview. Tarantino also revealed that not only doesn’t he stream movies, he also builds up his collection the old fashioned way.

“I don’t have any sort of delivery system. I have the videos from Video Archives. They went out of business, and I bought their inventory. Probably close to eight thousand tapes and DVDs.

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“I have a bunch of DVDs and a bunch of videos, and I still tape movies off of television on video so I can keep my collection going.”

Say what? Just try to imagine the setup Tarantino must have in his room to keep this fantasy going. He also probably has an archive that’s worth raiding; if only just to get some really old classics onto the internet.

Tarantino has expressed fears in the past about the future of cinema in an increasingly digital age, and I guess he feels he would be complicit in a way if he helps feed the industry he’s always complaining about as destroying his first love.

Well that, and he’s an old guy; this reminds me of ‘A Song of Ice and Fire’ author George R.R Martin, who apparently types his books on a computer with an operating system from like the 90’s.