Deborah Vanessa is A B*tch–So Says Her Boyfriend

Medikal’s Tweet

I would be boiling, perhaps even livid, if the boyfriend of my dearest sister-Abigail called her a bitch–even more upset if it was done on social media for all to see.

Medikal, a Ghanaian musician seems to find it artistic to call her girlfriend, Deborah Vanessa, a BITCH–and that bitch has no problem with being called a bitch.

Probably, she is a real bitch. Of course, she is a bitch or else, why would he comfortably and openly call her a bitch?

Medikal tweeted a photo of Sister Derby and wrote: ‘Goddess in this bitch.”

And from afar and close, she looks like a real bitch–because her boyfriend says so.

Medikal’s Tweet

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