Dead Foetus with Head, Hands & legs Found Inside a 4 Year Old Boy


A 4 year old baby’s life was saved when a scan revealed he had a dead foetus sitting in his stomach—after several complaints of stomach ache.

At first, doctors thought the constant stomach ache was due to a tumor in the child’s stomach but after a scan, they were shocked to find a dead foetus with head, two legs, hands and nails in the baby’s stomach.

According to the India Times, the child, from a village in the Indian state of West Bengal, was taken to hospital last week after suffering from severe stomach pain—where the foetus was detected via a scan.

“The medical condition, referred to as foetus in foetu, or a ‘baby within a baby’, is extremely rare, with just one in every 500-600,000 reportedly suffering from it”, reports The Independent.

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The website adds that the two main explanation for ‘baby within a baby’ are that “the mass is a very highly differentiated form of a cyst, and that the ‘parasitic’ foetus was a twin of the now host twin.

Very early in a twin pregnancy, one foetus wraps around and envelops the other and the enveloped twin becomes a parasite, in that its survival depends on the survival of the host twin, by drawing on the host’s blood supply.”

Dr Shirshemdu Giri, who headed a team of medical doctors to successfully operate on the boy told IBN Live: “The dead embryo which had hands, legs, nails and a partially formed head was removed from the child’s body after a long operation. The boy is alright, now still under close observation.”

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But for modern medicine made possible by the brilliance of science, this boy would have died.