Chairman Of The Ghana Church Of Pentecost Says Gay People Are Sick And Foolish And Would Suffer The Wrath Of God: Blatant Display Of Ignorance From An Indoctrinated Bigot

Apostle Dr. Opoku Onyinah

Apostle Dr. Opoku Onyinah- Chairman, Church of Pentecost Ghana

It’s a good thing Ghana is not civilised society, because in any civilised society this man would be exposed for what he is; a small minded, indoctrinated, 1st century oriented bigot.

And I think name calling should go both ways, so if you have any sharp critique to give me on why I’m insulting a ‘man of God’- maybe read his comments.

The Chairman of the Church of Pentecost, Ghana, Apostle Dr. Opoku Onyinah, says homos*xuals are ‘sick’, and want people to embrace their foolishness. He also added that much like biblical times, their actions would incur the wrath of God.

He was speaking at the 10th anniversary service of the Pentecost University College.

“We’ve decided to put nature aside and saying that let us bless same sex marriage, going back to times of idolatry, doing things that are abomination. That’s what people are now doing.

“…these things are bad, they are evil, people tried it in Genesis, they try it [and] they suffer the wrath of God and still people want to push God aside and do what we want to do,” he told the assembly.

So where do I begin? Nobody is putting nature aside, homos*xuality is rife in nature*, so what is he talking about? Why can’t these so-called big men in Ghana just learn a little science? They keep repeating this old party line, which is even not true, about homos*xuality being against nature. We know Ghanaians hate gay people, fine- but at least make some current, relevant arguments against it.

But there’s nothing we love more than ignorance- except revelling in it. If the congregation listening to these faulty words were informed, someone would call him out on it. But they weren’t, and they all just went along with the obvious falsehood from the ‘man of God’ And even if they did, I’m not sure a falsehood would be an impediment for the Christian blinded by hate against gay people.

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As for idolatry and abomination and the wrath of God, I think he has demonstrated enough his hatred for gays. However, aside those wildly unsubstantiated stories in the bible, nobody has seen or heard from Yahweh for the past 2,000 years. so even if he were pissed, I’m not sure there is much he could do. Besides, if after the horrors of the 20th century, apartheid and slavery and colonisation, as well as the crusades and the inquisition before that- if gay marriage is where he draws the line- as a lot of people other than this guy has suggested: then Yahweh really needs a serious rethinking of priorities.



However, the real gems are not even in. This is what this pastor said next, quotes from Starrfmonline.

“We are allowing, excuse me to say, foolishness to prevail because we think that people are becoming free so why can’t we allow them to become fools? Diseases, to accept diseases instead of praying to heal people of this sickness, illness, we are saying that let’s take it like that but they are sick. They are ill. They themselves know that they are suffering. That’s why they want attention. Instead of giving them the right attention, we are giving them the wrong one.”

Homos*xuality being an illness is another old party line which has no basis in science*. I’m wondering if this guy has any original arguments to offer? As for them being fools, it should be abundantly clear who is embarrassing themselves here by offering falsehoods to make a point. He probably does not know better, which is scary- that a leader of such a huge group of people in Ghana is about as well informed about modern science as those who wrote that same bible he cherishes so much.

This is the kind of bullsh*t one has to deal with constantly, having the misfortune of being born in this country. Homs*xuality occurs in nature, it is not an illness- and we know those things because of science. You know, that little endeavour that solves so much of our problems and that has a rigorous method designed to sift out errors?

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God certainly hates gays, but he loves slavery and genocide so I’m not quite sure we should be following his lead on this.

When you think that this backward thinking bigot is one of the most respected ‘big men’ in Ghana, you probably get a little idea of why we are in the situation we currently are.

I know a lot of us find it difficult to process that the LGBT oriented are also humans, and have every right to life just as you do. This is a combination of a few factors- religion, culture, ignorance- all of which breeds a strong hatred of gay people. I don’t care about any of that, I care about the bottom line- which is that we know these people are humans, that homos*xuality occurs in nature*, and that even if you think they are sinning, they are not sinning any worse than you are.



And what about, you know, those quite famous words from the Rabbi Jesus about not judging and all that, about loving your neighbour as yourself and all that, about bringing sinners to the lord and all that? How is that accomplished by calling them sick and fools? But then a charge of hypocrisy never stopped any Ghanaian I know from doing what they wanted.

I’m extremely aware that I’m preaching to the wrong crowd, and I wished I could be more of a Neil DeGraase Tyson than a Richard Dawkins in my proclamations- but it is infuriating listening to empty headed hacks like these being held as ultimate role models in Ghanaian society.

If somehow you made it all the way down here, and you still feel like you need to lecture me- once again, just remember who started the name calling, name calling based on blatant falsehoods.

*- some facts, like evolution and gravity, exist on a level where not knowing them just shows everyone your blatant ignorance.