Manager of Ebony-Bullet of Ruff N Smooth Fame Deserves to Be Stoned to Death for Being A Bitch


Ebony’s manager, Ricky Nana Agyeman, popularly known as “Bullet”, a failed musician who used to be part of the now-defunct music group, Ruff N Smooth, has been heard in a recent interview saying he has the power to destroy Ebony’s career if he wants to.

Why a manager would want to even think about destroying his own artist’s career is something I will think about another day. It’s obvious he’s milking the poor girl for all she’s worth, and is likely to blackmail her should she try to seek greener pastures elsewhere. He seems to think the fact that he “discovered” her and writes for her makes him her lord and personal savior.

There are those who are of the opinion that the flesh-baring songstress is not so talented and that is why she resorts to nudity and vulgar lyrics to sustain her popularity. She, however, proved her critics wrong in her recent video “Maame Hw3”, where she addressed the issue of gender-based violence and exposed minimal flesh.

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Her management did a great job in pushing her brand, especially in the past year, making her a strong contender for the coveted “Artist Of The Year” Award at this year’s Vodafone Ghana Music Awards. Obviously, Mr. Bullet would want to claim all the glory since he’s Lord of all things Ebony and has even been rumored to be in lusty relationship with her.I’m curious about what career-damaging secrets this guy has on Ebony that makes him feel like he has the power to destroy her. A sex tape, perhaps?

These days sex tapes do not destroy people as they used to before. I mean, see how Mr. Robert Seppey aka Seppecious has been shot into the limelight after the famous Kitchen Stool Tape saga. Now everybody wants to f**k on a kitchen stool. He might even get some kind of award, like in the case of Rashida Malaf**ker. What happened to that girl though? After the flies video she seems to have flown out of existence.

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Anyway, if Bullet really has any juicy secrets to reveal, we’ll be here to consume it all. But that will make him an asshole, to be very honest, and he’d only be shooting himself in the foot.