A Beautiful Student Gets A Text Two Weeks Later From A Man Who Bought Her A Drink While On A Night–Asking For the £6.50 He Spent On the Drink Back


This is a little bizarre–considering the fact that the student did not ask to be bought a drink.

Abby Fenton, 18-year student from Sheffield in UK has been shocked by the conduct of a stranger she met while partying with friends.

Fenton claims she was partying with friends on a night out when a ‘poorly dressed’ man approached her and offered to buy her a drink, reports Mail Online.

She accepted the offer and the man who gave his name as Liam paid £6.50 for it.

They exchanged numbers and that was it. But two weeks later, she received a text message, asking her for the money back.

The message read: ‘Hi hope you don’t mind love, but can you transfer me back £6.50?’

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Since Miss Fenton couldn’t make up who was texting, she asked and got this reply: ‘Liam from the Viper Rooms a few weeks ago.’
It continued: ‘I bought yer a drink? Can I have money back for it. Will give you sort code and account number. Thanks.’

Fenton then proceeded to ask for his bank details.

Narrating what happened, Fenton said: ‘I was at the bar and about to get myself a drink when he came over and said “I’ll get that for you, you’re gorgeous and all that.’

‘I just said I wanted something with vodka in and then we must have swapped numbers before I walked off.’

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‘At first I didn’t realise he got my number as he didn’t text me that night or the next day.’

‘I paid him back straight away even though I wasn’t going to at first as I thought it was so cheeky, but then I thought he might have needed it.’

‘He wasn’t my type really but I just thought that when you’re out, people buy you drinks!’

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