Asking the Big LIFE and DEATH Questions | The Day I Experienced Death



We will all die at some point, no one lives forever and when the time comes we will all experience death. How do you prepare for the one thing most people dread “death”. When the doctor tells a patient you have 3 months to live what will be the next step. How do you break the news to those who care about you, do you go back to your past and make things right?

When your death date approaches will you sit in sorrow and wait for death or will you party hard till you drop dead. There are so many unanswered questions when it comes to dying.

We lose people we care about and we can’t fathom how they passed, you talk to someone and the next time you are told he/she is gone. A question I keep asking myself is, can you tell you are no longer alive? Do you attend your own funeral and see those who really care about you and those who just come to watch you being buried? What will the next step be? Once again, there are so many unanswered questions when it comes to living life and dying.

Just as the saying goes “There is a thin line between love and hate” so it is between life and death. I’ve always wondered how someone will transition from being alive to being dead…

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I was 13years in JSS 1, running late for school on a Monday, I was with driver-Enoch who was always impatient and honking. I grabbed my bag and rushed out to sit in the car only to realize my two friends Mary and Abena had not arrived.

Knowing Enoch very well, I was sure the moment I take my seat he will leave without them. I dropped my bag in the car and ran to their house which was two houses away from mine.

I banged on their door and told them the driver was already in, I heard Enoch honking with all his strength. We all started running towards the car, in a haste I did not notice there was a tree ahead of me, the last thing I remembered was seeing a tree right in front of me.

Within seconds I was in a big beautiful garden with different colorful flowers, it was a sight to behold. Words alone cannot describe the garden, it was just spectacular. I totally forgot about school, I was running around having a blast of my life, unfortunately I was the only one there but that did not deter me from enjoying the garden. The next minute I saw myself lying in my bed soaked.

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I was so confused; did I go to bed in my school uniform? A million questions running through my mind. I got up from bed and walked outside and saw people in my house. I wondered if there was an event I didn’t know about. I noticed the inquisitive neighbors approach me asking if I was fine, my mum and siblings hugged me and were all asking so many questions.

Question I had no answer to, my mum said I passed out after bumping into a tree and they were trying to revive me by pouring a bucket of water on me, which kind of amused me. Apparently, time went by and I finally opened my eyes but did not recognize anyone and they laid me on the bed.

Just as we cannot tell the time we transition from being awake to falling asleep and moving from being asleep to waking up so it is from moving from being alive to being dead. It happens in a split of a second and you do not even know if you are dreaming or it is really happening. No one can control death but protect the future of those you live behind, empower them and secure their lives financially.



Mind Virus says:

I am already dead. The physical manifestations exhibited by the mass that define my sense of existence is only an illusion. I am free.